For a few years now I have been dreaming of making a food blog. I always show people the treats and delicious food I make but never really got around to creating a blog about it, finally I am. Cooking with my mom was always my favorite thing to do when I was younger. Whenever she was in the kitchen cooking I used to run in and help. I had a yellow apron that said “Mommy’s little helper” I wore it every time I was in the kitchen and trust me I needed it. I used to be so messy and unorganized while I was cooking but slowly learned how to keep everything under control. Food Network was always my favorite channel. I could watch hour upon hour wondering what all of the fancy dishes they were making tasted like. Finally, when I was about 12 or 13 my mom started to let me cook on my own. I made some crazy things. I used my imagination to its fullest and thought out every little recipe I had in my head. I loved coming up with different pancakes and cupcake recipes. I always made so many cupcakes and used to give them out to the neighbors when I couldn’t eat anymore. Now being 18 years old I have mastered all of my favorite recipes. I truly love being in the kitchen and cooking with my loving mother and my amazing friends. Even though I don’t plan on pursing anything in the culinary industry. I do plan on continuing my love for cooking throughout my life and teaching my children how to cook one day.

Always remember, cooking isn’t by the book its by the heart and the palate, cook to your liking and always cook to enjoy! 


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